There Is No Accidental Good

I accidentally wrote this on purpose…*

Is this a good thing?

I don’t know

I guess we’ll just see, now won’t we?

I’m not sure why I used a plural pronoun there, cause nobody reads these articles…

Even if by fluke I suddenly come upon some profound truth, or I am given an epic, world-changing revelation, were I to write about it, not much would happen

I mean, I’m basically just writing to myself…

If I randomly conceive some amazing thought, I could write about it, but that wouldn’t do anything for anyone

If some chance discovery were to fundamentally change me as a man and cause me to do great things for the world, then I would be virtuous, but not necessarily of my own initial intentions; some thing, no matter how accidental nor good, would have changed the nature of my sentiment

Unless, of course, one believes the capacity for virtue to be either had or not had, without being able to be acquired

Thanks Kazuo Ishiguro!

In that case, virtue would be an inherent part of me until destiny provokes me to uncover it and consequently live by it

How coincidental does this seem?

Would destiny feel inclined to help a man discover his capacity for virtue?

Regardless of these things, a given cause would effect, or unveil, in me the capacity for and the inclination toward being virtuous

However, whether I have a very intentional desire to be virtuous or am consumed by twisted motives, or if the given cause that effects or unveils in me the capacity for virtue is not necessarily good, if I were to commit a great deed on accident, would it be virtuous?

Assuming there is virtue in me, it is by it that I live, and the cause of my virtuousness was good, the true nature of an accidental good is ambiguous

But if a deed accomplishes many wonderful, good things, would it in and of itself be good if it were the effect of an ill motive?

(I am assuming the fact that any good thing, if the result of ill motive, is unintended)

Think of a really really (really) rotten apple

I know this is random – bear with me

Imagine the apple is black and gooey, smells terrible, and is infested with ants and worms

The various bugs are benefitting, because they are eating the apple

But the apple itself, however good its effect, is gross and impure

In the same way, something caused by an ill-motive cannot be good, because virtue is about intentions, not deeds


Equality of man is a law of nature, which means that every human is given an equal capacity for virtue

Therefore, virtue has nothing to do with deeds, because many are not physically able to accomplish the virtuous deeds that others can accomplish

Thus, the motive determines whether or not the deed is virtuous

No one can be considered righteous for saving another life through the act of trying to take it

That’s just messed up!



*Jk, I totally wrote this on purpose

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