I Think Thoughts Thoughtful

Sometimes I think about thoughts…

And then I think about thinking about thoughts

And then I think about thinking about thinking about thoughts!

 And then… well, you get the idea

But seriously, what are thoughts?

Where do they come from?

Can anyone think enough to answer that question?

I know a lot of people who don’t think very much…

Yet they no doubt still think this question is pointless

Anywho, thoughts – what are they?

What is their purpose if people don’t care enough to utilize them?

It took some people who were very good at thinking to create the drugs which are now used to suppress thought…

How ironic

Let’s try an experiment

When I yell, “rooster,” stop thinking



No, wait… you’re not getting the point here…

You’re supposed to stop thinking

Can’t really pull it off, can ya?

I mean, if you’re a guy then you might be able to

After all, guys are especially good at “not thinking”

But even we dudes always have random crap going on in the subconscious

Is that thinking?

If someone has a dream, are they thinking?

Dreams are certainly contrived on the whims of the subconscious

Think about it…

A human’s ability to ration must have a purpose; it must have a definition; it must have a source

A fundamental characteristic of logic is cause and effect

Thanks Aristotle!

Really smart guys like Hawking say the Big Bang Theory is plausible

Because if the universe started as an empty void, consisting of nothing by virtue of never being anything, it makes perfect sense that this source (nothing) causes that very thing for which it has no potential

Evolutionists tell us all that the cause of our existence is, quite literally, nothing!

Cause that makes lots of sense

It’s really hilarious… when you think about it

For a cause must be proportional to the effect in order to be its proper source

Thanks Aquinas!

I think I might be thinking too many thoughts about thoughts

There are just so many thoughts to think about!

Too bad the primogenitor of everything is nothing

…cause if it were something, then that’s what I would be thinking about…

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